Downtown Chicago Engagement Photography | For C & C

Newly engaged, C & C, asked that I photograph the first meeting of their families at Gibson’s Steakhouse.  I arrived at the restaurant, in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, early to scout for the best location to capture the big moment.  I always love working in this celebrity-prone neighborhood with my “big” camera.  It wasn’t long before people started to approach me to ask things like, “Who was here?”, “Who you getting?”, or my favorite, “Are you shooting for TMZ?”

C & C and thier families arrived and we got some great images near the fountatin at Mariano Park.  The couple looked so great that nobody seemed to mind us blocking some trafic to make some great shots.  Later we found ourselves on the staircase leading upstairs that has many framed photographs of celebrities.  I don’t know if he was looking at them, or the beautiful couple, but Warren Buffett bumped right into me.