Real Estate Photography

Great Photography Sells a Lifestyle, not just a Home


We want to help you sell homes. We also want you to impress the socks off your client, your client's next door neighbor, and your client's sister.


For over 10 years and over 10,000 homes, Matt Mansueto Photography, Inc has been trusted with creating the best real estate photography in the Chicago area.


Every home tells a story and it's our belief we photograph more than just rooms. We capture kitchen spaces where young families can envision kids preparing breakfast-in-bed for Mom, wood-paneled offices where executives can plan for their company's vision, and master bathrooms where everybody can picture relaxing in giant bathtubs.


Years of experience gives Matt Mansueto Photography, Inc the ability to create beautiful compositions in every home. Each image is planned, meticulously examined and executed on the best photographic equipment available. Utilizing full-frame cameras and multiple flashes with light umbrellas prepare normal homes for luxury home magazines. 


Utilizing the best photographic equipment available we are able to capture your listing in the best available light. Pun intended.  We incorporate full-frame cameras, ultra-wide angle lenses,  and light umbrellas to create magazine quality images that look great online and in print. 


Each image is carefully planned and executed. Though we can work quickly, we will never rush you or an appointment. A real estate photo shoot can sometimes take several hours to get the shot right. Following the sunshine is the best way to get the best photographs. Post-production is where the magic really is. We enhance every picture by blending multiple exposures, adding blue skies to cloudy days, and removing cords and other distractions. 

The final images are normally delivered within 1-2 Business Days.

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