Real Estate Pet Pictures

Each day that I photograph homes to be listed to be sold, I am greeted by numerous dogs and cats.  As I greet the real estate agent and homeowner, the cute little critters sniff about my camera bag. Cats love to rub their backs on my cameras tripod legs, dogs seem to rub themselves upon me.

After I finish photographing the home, and am packing up my gear, these little guys (sometimes not so little…once 2 giant Bullmastiff  not quite puppies’s jumped up to sniff/kiss me, upon entering the home) show up as if to say, “What about taking my picture?”  I most times agree as my little girls enjoy seeing a cute little pet pop up on my computer screen while I do my post-processing efforts.  They often ask to go back to the homes and pet the dogs, and play with the kitties.

Below are some of the images that I randomly capture.  Enjoy.

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