You bet! The photos are meant to be seen, so they can work for you. Social media usage is included in the standard license I provide with every architectural and interiors photoshoot. Be sure to tag me @MattMansueto

Third-party usage is not permitted unless properly licensed. Refer to the cost sharing example above. Any other parties interested in the final photos should either enter the cost sharing agreement in advance of the shoot to obtain a large discount, or they can license individual photos directly through me after the shoot at the full per-photo rate.

There is a very large discount available in the form of cost sharing. Cost Sharing is a very common practice when photographing an architecture and interiors project. By bringing in just one additional party you can save over 30% on the architectural photography of your project. Discounts increase for each additional party brought into the photoshoot. For each additional party brought into the cost share in advance of the shoot, we will add 30% to the total photoshoot cost. From there, the total is shared evenly between all parties resulting in a large discount. Cost Sharing Example: If a photoshoot is estimated at $3,500, and one party is added to the cost share, the total becomes $4,550 ($3,500 + 30%). The new cost per-party is $2,275. You save $1,225. Examples of companies that often want access to the photos include: architects, interior designer, landscape architect, sub-contractors, materials vendors, furniture vendors, owners/tenants.

Architecture photoshoots are not a one-day job, it requires multiple days of pre-production in order to execute a project at a high-level. By the time I pack up my gear, head to a job site, unload my gear, walk-through the space, setup for our photos, deal with people and or other challenges/delays on a shoot, take down my gear, return to the studio, unpack my gear, and download the images, there really isn’t enough time to schedule another client in a day. What I can do is photograph multiple spaces/locations for a single client in a day if they’re within close proximity of one another.

Yes! We will do a brief walkthrough on the shoot day at no charge. However, it can be beneficial to do this prior to shoot day to narrow down the shot list and ensure a smooth shoot day.

For smaller projects, we can work on a per-photo basis with a 3-photograph minimum.

It’s critical that we are on the same page. We are going to have a chat to learn about you and how you want your project represented. We are going to need to chat. Every project is different, and every client has different needs. That’s why I provide a custom estimate for every project after a brief chat, so I can understand what your needs are.