Architectural and Interior Photography FAQ

Discover Affordable and Transparent Architectural Photography Rates - FAQ

Architectural Photography Rates FAQ! Here, we address common questions about pricing, usage rights, and more for professional architectural and interior photography services. Explore answers to FAQs related to architectural photography rates, social media usage, cost-sharing discounts, and turnaround times.

Can I post the photos on social media?

Absolutely! Our architectural photography rates include usage rights that allow you to showcase your photos on social media. Be sure to tag us @MattMansueto to share your stunning images!

What are your rates?

Having a mutual understanding is crucial, which is why we need to have a conversation to learn more about you and how you want your project to be portrayed. Since each project is unique and every client has different requirements, we need to discuss your specific needs. Following our brief chat, I will provide a custom estimate for your project based on the information you share. Please see Process & Rates for more information. 

Can I share the photos with other parties ?

Usage by third parties is prohibited unless they obtain the proper license. Please see the cost-sharing example listed in the FAQ Discount section. Any parties interested in the final photos must either enter into a cost-sharing agreement before the shoot to receive a substantial discount or obtain individual photo licenses directly from me at the full per-photo rate after the shoot.

Do you offer scouts or walk-throughs?

Yes! I will do a brief walkthrough on the shoot day at no charge. However, it can be very beneficial to do this prior to shoot day to narrow down the shot list and ensure a smooth shoot day. 

Do you offer discounts on Photography ?

You can receive a significant discount on architectural and interior photography through cost sharing, which is a widely used practice in this field. By including just one additional party in the photoshoot, you can save more than 30% on the photography of your project. Furthermore, the discount will increase as you include more parties in the photoshoot.

What about smaller projects?

For smaller projects, we can work on a per-photo basis with a 3-photograph minimum. This flexible pricing option allows you to receive professional photography services tailored to your project’s specific needs and budget. Capture the essence of your space with our targeted photography approach. Contact us today to discuss your smaller project and explore our per-photo pricing options.

What is the turnaround time?

Typically, you can expect to receive your photographs within two weeks of the shoot. However, if you have a specific deadline that you need to meet, please inform Matt, and he will make every effort to accommodate it. In some cases, he may prioritize a few essential shots and complete them quickly, followed by the remaining photographs.

We have multiple smaller projects located near one another, and we only require a few photographs for each project. Would it be possible for you to cover all the projects in a single day?

Certainly, we can arrange for that. Matt will speak with you about the specific locations and access requirements for each project and develop a plan to optimize efficiency while minimizing costs for you.

What are your day-rates and half-day rates?

Matt does not have a standard day or half-day rate since each project has unique and varying requirements. Providing a flat rate would often result in higher prices for you. Therefore, if you require a quote, please send Matt a brief summary of what you need to photograph, the extent of coverage required, and any special requirements. Including drawings and some of your own photos would also be helpful. Matt can typically provide a quote promptly based on the information you provide.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, we do. We know that delays can happen in this business. Deposits are transferred to the next booked dates but are not refundable.