Chicago Architectural Photographer

Specializing in photographing spaces and places of all sizes for all architects and interior designers.

Take your projects to new heights with our premium offerings – from drone footage and twilight shots to detailed floor plans and beyond!


Example of recent retail photography project of an Adidas Outlet Store Retail showing new signage in store.

Welcome to Matt Mansueto Photography Inc.

Hi! I’m Matt, a Chicago-based photographer and videographer that highlights your projects though great visuals.

You’ve worked hard on your design and now you want it showcased to your clients and potential customers – that’s where I come in. As  a Chicago Architectural Photographer I ensure that the photography that represents you and your work is of the highest quality possible.  I find the best angles, use the best equipment, time the lighting to perfection, and then meticulously edit the photographs.   The result is stand-out photography of your projects that will help you wow potential clients and further your business.

Chicago Architectural Photography Services

Matt Mansueto - exteriors photography


I work with architectural and architectural engineering firms to capture the built spaces in context to the local environment.


Photographing interiors for architects and design firms specializing in residential services.

Matt Mansueto - construction photography


Whether you are building a skyscraper, a remodeled assisted living facility, or a warehouse, I can capture vibrant images of your construction projects in progress or after completion to be used in your marketing efforts.


Although most of my experience in photography involves shooting location photos, I have a profound interest in capturing the distinct spirit and character of individuals. Whether it's a business executive in need of a new professional headshot for their brand or an aspiring designer requiring a new portrait, I always strive to convey my clients' essence through my camera lens.

The process is simple, collaborative, and fun.
1. Hop on a Call

We start any project by discussing your needs and understanding of the space. Architecture is more than design, it’s solving all the problems you come up against. I want to know the challenges and how you overcame them to find the narrative of your story.

2. Shoot Day

We'll photograph the project together. We'll capture the design elements of your story so that we can communicate your values and win better work and work with the clients you want to work with!

3. we fine tune it

My camera is tethered to an iPad, so everything that I shoot, we can see it, you know, on a glossy screen in real-time. We both can look at all the details, so we'll kind of lockdown the composition

4. you receive accolades

Submit the images to publications, your website, and your social media channels.

Architecture + Design clients include:
No Job Is Too Small

I am happy to capture powder rooms to entire build outs. 

What Our Clients Say
"I've hired Matt for several different interior photo shoots. Matt has a great eye and produces beautiful, high-quality images. He is always willing to work with me on each shot until it is perfect and matches my vision. I always have fun working with him and highly recommend him!"
Matt's work is simply amazing. I've hired him multiple times to document office build-outs and recommend him to any business owner, architect, or builder wanting to their work to stand out."
Chicago Architectural Photography - Matt Mansueto - Radius Testimonial
Brian Wyrick
“Matt is an exceptional photographer and a great person. He truly brings homes to life through his photos. Highly recommended!”
Chicago Architectural Photography - Matt Mansueto - studio group Testimonial
Michael Yeagle
Studio Group
Ready to Photograph Your Space?

If you need magazine-worthy architectural photography of your project, please get in touch via our contact page.  We’d love to hear from you and how we can help you capture your project.